Tertiary and senior students or just inquisitive

Hello World from down under: This is no crackpot site. I am about truth. This is serious stuff:  Everything mentioned below is supported by scientific publications, all of them referenced, which can take you to the sites of the published peer-reviewed scientific material in world class Journals. The graphs and figures are also included in this work.  Other material mentioned is also supported by reference when taken from media reports.

Two messages…

First: If you are a senior student and have become alarmed by information provided you on the effect of climate change on the world environment, or been required by your teacher, tutor or lecturer to undertake a project on this or a related subject, go to the CONTENTS page of my publication at my site below. This will lead you to particular subject on the scientific truth and facts of climate science and show you the extent of alarmist propaganda being pushed by socialist agencies and government departments and institutions around the world, including schools and universities. When you see that it is not really about the science, but the money, you will be truly astonished and angry.

When you learn the truth, promise me that you will not be afraid to question what has been taught you or to promote the true facts to your friends and in your own work. Knowledge and truth are power! You are the future and it has to start with you.

Secondly, if you have a scientific or inquisitive mind, give yourself and hour; sit in a comfortable chair and read my publication right through. You will be staggered at the level of manipulation, deception  – even fraud – of scientific data, temperature records and changed in recording sites and the shocking waste of billions of dollars in promoting scientific theories that recent research has shown to be false. It’s all there based on proven scientific fact. When you see the extent that this folly has added to your own nation’s debt let alone the world, it will make your blood boil.  If you live in America, all you are told is that it’s $US15 trillion or $15,000,000,000,000. Look on the last page of my document and be staggered by what it really means in $US100 bills.  O’k, now go to:

Google Search: http://www.scribd.com/doc/100733123/Climate-Change-Truth-or-Prop9a

The real title is: Climate Change: Science and Propaganda. (A Skeptics Guide for Senior Student Projects)


About australianblogger

My interests have been in world politics for many years. With the claim of catastrophic climate change from anthropogenic global warming, my interest has intensified to the point where I have collected a large collage of scientific papers and media reports on the subject. I am now convinced that the alarmism of "consensus" scientists is not about the science: It's all about the money! The pure propaganda associated with this alarmism is necessary only to perpetuate the flow of money for projects which in itself is a necessary adjunct to fulfill the objective of the U.N's Agenda 21 for the transfer of vast sums from western economies to developing ones. In the case of Australia, our Treasury Department's modelling shows our commitment by 2050 to be $A57billion (that's $57,000,000,000,000) yearly!!
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