Climate Change Truth or Propaganda

Using a collage taken over several years of peer-reviewed scientific papers (permission given by Anthony Watts to use where referenced from WUWT “for your purposes”) and media; all papers and reports referenced and sourced, to detail the blatant propaganda of socialist governments worldwide in support of “alarmist” global warming, and give the reader, and particularly senior students, a detailed picture of the extent of manipulation of scientific data, of the temperature record and site locations, deception, preferential treatment on peer-reviews – even fraud – and the waste of tens of billions of dollars to meet socialist dominated U.N. policies under the guise of AGW


About australianblogger

My interests have been in world politics for many years. With the claim of catastrophic climate change from anthropogenic global warming, my interest has intensified to the point where I have collected a large collage of scientific papers and media reports on the subject. I am now convinced that the alarmism of "consensus" scientists is not about the science: It's all about the money! The pure propaganda associated with this alarmism is necessary only to perpetuate the flow of money for projects which in itself is a necessary adjunct to fulfill the objective of the U.N's Agenda 21 for the transfer of vast sums from western economies to developing ones. In the case of Australia, our Treasury Department's modelling shows our commitment by 2050 to be $A57billion (that's $57,000,000,000,000) yearly!!
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