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Naïve questions from http://Timeless-frkeve

Naïve questions? As a non academic engaged for some seven years in a prior life as Secretary and Fundraiser for two research foundations at an internationally recognised university, I have been able to read and collate a large volume of … Continue reading

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Climate Change Truth or Propaganda

Using a collage taken over several years of peer-reviewed scientific papers (permission given by Anthony Watts to use where referenced from WUWT “for your purposes”) and media; all papers and reports referenced and sourced, to detail the blatant propaganda of socialist governments worldwide in support of “alarmist” global warming, and give the reader, and particularly senior students, a detailed picture of the extent of manipulation of scientific data, of the temperature record and site locations, deception, preferential treatment on peer-reviews – even fraud – and the waste of tens of billions of dollars to meet socialist dominated U.N. policies under the guise of AGW

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Tertiary and senior students or just inquisitive

Hello World from down under: This is no crackpot site. I am about truth. This is serious stuff:  Everything mentioned below is supported by scientific publications, all of them referenced, which can take you to the sites of the published … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to the world down under. This may surprise – it certainly surprises us – world surveys show that despite Australia being the largest island continent on the planet with a land mass almost the size of the USA mainland, … Continue reading

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